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Title: The Pure Wonderfulness of MASK-FEST 2016
Post by: DRLADY on September 15, 2016, 02:20:31 PM
It's hard to believe MASK-FEST 2016 has come and gone already! After all the prep work, it feels as though I blinked (blank? have blunk?) and PFFHHHTT, it was gone.
As usual, the pure mind-blowing incredibleness was just too much to take in over the course of a single weekend. I always feel like I need Mask-Fest to last a full week!
Among the personal highlights this year:
* Jordu Schell's brain-blastingly cool metallic version of Ed Edmunds' classic TRX-32. I think Jordu retitled the silver version TRX-90.
If I could have taken just one mask home with me from the hundreds on display there, that might have been the one I'd pick!
* The long-overdue full scale "Phantom Creeps" robot by Creature's Revenge. All I can say is WOW.
* Getting to hear Laura Lady take the P.A. system at closing time on Saturday and announce: "Thank you, folks. Get out."
* The hysterically funny Costume Contest trophies by Timothy Ivan Miller at Dirtknap FX, which featured little silver resin replicas of Masketron Tron's brilliant "Eric The Red" mask from last year. Those trophies made me wish I could enter the competition myself!
More observations to follow!
Title: Re: The Pure Wonderfulness of MASK-FEST 2016
Post by: DRLADY on September 15, 2016, 08:01:02 PM
Of the many fabulous aspects of MASK-FEST 2016, the single most wonderful thing was (like every year) seeing so many brilliant, creative, talented and generally amazing people gathered together to celebrate the art of monsters.

With the number of creative-genius brainwaves in the air, it's a wonder this entire dimension didn't just collapse and implode.

To get to see Ed Edmunds, Jordu Schell, Justin Mabry, Pete Infelise, Mikey Rotella, Casey Love, Greg Duffy, Connor Deless, Brian Mattingly, Jon Fuller, John Buechler, Robert Kurtzman, Elliot Britz, Andrew Santagato, Brian Dunn, Brad Zonka, Stephen Collins, Paul Daniels, Jordan Patton, Josh Wasylink, the incredible Cristina Himiob, along with Carlos E Márquez, Travis Crim, Sluggo Gonzales, Todd C DeGroot, Dr. Tarr, Professor Fether, John Lauritzen, Scarlet Kaiju, Barry Kaufman, Hisakazu Funnyara Fujiwara, Andrea Egg Anderson, Jeff Carlson, Pat Scarangella, Darren Fowler,  and of course the immortal Eric Austin and the ridiculously cool people who went with me as what Eric refers to as Team Chatfield-- Kellie Hamilton, John Hamrick, Mike Akers, Zack Lazza, Brittany Billings, Chris Striker, Jakhob Clady, Jordan Clady, and others too humorous to mention--
all in the same place on the same weekend... well, it's just more than the human brain can even process.

Fortunately, since my brain isn't human, I processed it all just fine.

And I came to the conclusion that I need a lot more time to visit with all these terrific humans (and semi-humans).

I truly wish I could have a Halloween party at my place and invite every single one of you.

Oh, what the heck, the married ones could come too!

Thanks to all and sundry (most especially Eric Austin and Nathan Hanneman and Jessica Bruewer) for another hysterical weekend of horror fun and laughs.

How sad it is to think that most of us won't see each other again for a whole year.

Who else wants to start up a Mask Fan Commune?
Title: Re: The Pure Wonderfulness of MASK-FEST 2016
Post by: crue-leader on September 15, 2016, 08:35:17 PM
Dr Lady , thanks for your contributions in making this the best convention I have ever attended. This was my first Mask Fest and was a sensory overload in a really good way.  Hopefully you remember me I was probably the first person to visit your area Friday and bought a Creature mask from you. Nice to finally meet the person who pretty much is the biggest contributor to this web site.
I look forward to seeing you again at next years show.
Title: Re: The Pure Wonderfulness of MASK-FEST 2016
Post by: DRLADY on September 16, 2016, 10:08:54 AM
And thank YOU, Sir! :) I remember you, but I had no idea you were crue-leader on here! This year's Mask-Fest was indeed way off the coolness charts. I'm just bummed that it's over for another year!
Title: Re: The Pure Wonderfulness of MASK-FEST 2016
Post by: ChakorChanning on September 17, 2016, 05:54:51 PM
Speaking of long overdue stuff at Mask-Fest this year, let's not forget about the new Twilight Zone: The Movie airplane gremlin mask by Darb Designz!  I was unable to attend Mask-Fest, but I have seen pictures of the finished piece.  The picture below is from the Darb Designz Facebook page.