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Anyone seriously else out here in Utah...
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 12:03:26 PM »
Hi, guys and ghouls,

I recently relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah (well it's coming up one two years now, from Cleveland, Ohio). Man did Ohio take the cake in this forum for monster lovers and haunted houses. Utah has a few really cool Haunted houses though that have been getting some national acclaim on the travel channel and the like...they are:

1-Nightmare on 13th
2-Castle of Chaos

Most are open almost year round, and usually do Halloween in July as well as of course their fall runs.

Beyond that there are some really cool ghost sites up here, and people have a passion for the arts. The art community is really strong and supportive, similar as in Cleveland.

The beer is not watered down unless you buy it from the tap. I brew my own, and know friend's here at the Breweries around town, cool bunch. We also get beer dare I say it...from Idaho, Colorado, and of course Wyoming.

Other than that, the mountains are a nice addition and the people are nice and the city is clean. A strange place from Cleveland, but a nice change for the next few years while I finish up school.

Well, enough about Salt Lake City (SLC)...I know that Deity Creations is North of SLC somewhere up there.

Anyone else?

I am not new to the HMA, 5 years in fact-


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i am also a fellow salt lake city resident.
love it here... but not a huge mask and halloween scene.

nightmare on 13th is pretty good.  unfortunately the best haunted house i've ever been too, called rocky point, closed down a few years ago.
i get my mask making stuff up in north salt lake but im not sure if thats what it is called to be honest.
James Lurgio
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« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2012, 04:31:35 PM »
I am a local utahn, born and raised, still live in the house I grew up in.. I've had stints in Cali, Colorado and Kansas and none of them felt like home. One thing I love most about utah is the nature aspect of it all and the people, though most seem like redneck pricks, the people are usually nice, helpful and keep to them self's.
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I'm a noob to the mask collecting but a junky when it comes to Halloween. I've lived here all my life although I've traveled the U.S. Extensively. Would love to meet some locals into collecting and the Halloween scene.