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What a great thread. Thanks for turning me on to it Huna. I am looking for a pic of the DP Kirk mask, preferably on a store shelf. My son's band, TurboVamps! is releasing an EP with five versions of their song RETURN OF THE KILLER, which is about Michael Myers. I thought it would be fun to find a pic like this to use on the CD sleeve. Anyone able to help?

Thanks, Steve


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Excellent pics, Bobby!!! I see a lot of "Mario Chiodo / Seasonal Vision" masks I dig. I'm also diggin the DP "Prince Char-ming mask"!!! Hopefully I'll find a Halloween USA on my fall trip this weekend. Looks like their mask selection puts Spirit's to shame!


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I didn't take this, I saw it on Flickr.   It's a shop in Scotland with some masks.  


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I'll try to take some pics of mine tomorrow.  :)


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Acme Costumes
2604 Highway 80
Garden City, GA 31408
Tel: 912-966-0201
Email: acmecostumes (at)

I had the opportunity to visit Acme Costumes in Garden City, GA in during a late December 2009 visit
to my beautiful hometown of Savannah, Georgia.  What a GREAT visit!

Backing up a bit, I had hoped in advance that I would be able to get permission to take photos during
the visit and contribute them to this costume shop discussion. I prepared ahead of time.
I printed the "front page" of the HMA website to take with me, and practiced in my head
how I wanted to ask.  I went with the truth of course, that I'm a member of an online group
interested in masks, mostly horror, and that we have a nice section showcasing our local costume shops.

I just wanted to get it right because, well, "Hey, can I take pictures of your merchandise?" could come out a little clunky!

Well, I met Gary Cox, who owns the shop with his wife Nancy.  I also met their makeup artist, wig master,
and special effects guru Rufus Trigg. What a great bunch of people!

I wish I had the chance to meet Nancy in person,
She is the 2009 President of the National Costumers Association (
The NCA is a professional association of locally-owned costume shops around the country.
Nancy also makes a lot of their rental and animal costumes by hand.  We'll see some photos of those in a minute.  

Gary explained that he and Nancy began out of their home in the 1990s,
expanding eventually to the retail location they have today. Acme is open year-round.
In addition to Halloween-related sales, they also do a lot business in rentals,
Christmas, St. Patrick's Day (Savannah has the best St. Patrick's Day celebration in the US!),
student projects with the nearby Savannah College of Art & Design, and Mardi Gras.

Rufus was cool to talk with, really genuine.  He's got a lot of experience in the makeup and special effects areas.
After my visit, I found a great article interviewing him here:

Gary let me take photos in the store, and we discussed some of the products.
He asked me to note that some of the displays and mask wall aren't in full-bore Halloween mode.
So, I'll have to come back in high season for some of that!

I did the best I could on mask/character names, please PM me with any name corrections and I will edit here.

Let's start with the tour!  Here's the sign out front.  I love the castle theme.

The storefront, with Christmas displays featured in the windows.
There are no cars because your humble writer showed up on New Year's Eve without calling ahead.
I came back on the 2nd to go inside and for the following photos.

Some Mardi Gras pieces, a Predalien (from the Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem film),
a hint of Leatherface on the left, and Beetlejuice up top.

Freddy Krueger and Leatherface on right, Yaka Tribe on top leftish.

Slipknot on the left, Leatherface First Kill and Leatherface on the left.
I think two of the originally Rick Baker-designed Wolfman aka Don Post "Smudge" on the bottom.

More Slipknot, featuring Maggot, Chris, Clown on top row
then James, James, Joey, James, Corey

Better shot of the Slipknot crew

Gary explained to me that the four masks on top have moveable jaws.
Frank, the rabbit figure from Donnie Darko on the bottom.
Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz on the left, keeping things grounded.

(L-R) The Grinch, The Mummy (Silver Screen Edition), Skull, red Skull, Freddy, and Sleestak.
I just realized that's Dobby from the Harry Potter films under the Skulls.

Lord, where do I start.  Albino Dragon on the top. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Miss Piggy, Swine, Cat in the Hat
Demon and Catman from KISS on the bottom left, AKA Gene Simmons and Peter Criss.
Did you know that Gene and/or KISS (Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley) own the rights to the characters
from the original band lineup?  They are of course Demon (Gene), Catman (Peter Criss),
Spaceman (Ace Frehley), and Starchild (Paul Stanley). That's why you see different people currently
in the band wearing those particular makeup schemes.  On with the tour!

Stone Cold Steve Austin is like the Mona Lisa.... his eyes follow you across the room!  (muuaaahaha!...)

The full KISS lineup, with some Blue Man Group.  Look for another cameo by Saddam on the bottom.
A couple of the Super Sports Masks "ballhead" masks on the left.

(top row) Eric Cartman from South Park, some Predaliens
(bottom row) Skull Helmet, ?, and Emperor Palpatine

Star Wars Chewbacca Deluxe mask.

"Now, young Skywalker, you will die!"
Star Wars Emperor Palpatine.  
This is my favorite photo from the visit!

Jedi Master Plo Koon, from the "new" movies, Episodes I,II,III. He's also in the great new Clone Wars animated series

Orc from World of Warcraft, with Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan from The Watchmen on the right.
South Park's Kenny on top right.

A display in progress of being built

Various haunted house accessories, including skeleton

More accessories

"Look sir, droids!"
Rubie's Star Wars Stormtrooper Supreme costume
Like the Boba Fett described below, this Supreme Stormtrooper helmet is better
than the standard one.

Overheard display with a little hint of St. Patrick's Day gear beneath

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
Various Star Wars helmets
from Rubie's, using the old Don Post Studios designs.
(L-R) TIE Fighter Pilot, Darth Vader standard ("deluxe), Darth Vader Supreme (the big one),
Boba Fett, and Jango Fett (the blue one, using the Boba Fett mold)

More or less in the middle of the mask wall, looking to the left

...and looking to the right

The dreaded Sleestak from Land of the Lost.  Gah those things were creepy on Saturday mornings!
A World of Warcraft Forsaken mask on the right.

vulture, witch, eagle (my words).  These are the wearable masks with the moving jaws.

Various political masks, including a cameo by Saddam Hussein on the left

Sorry for the blur on this photo, but it's the best shot I had of the Smudge wolfmen. I wish I would have known
what I was looking while I was there, I would have got one.  Next trip!

"Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold."
The new Rubie's Supreme Boba Fett complete costume.
This helmet with the Supreme costume is interesting.  It's lighter weight (I think styrene) than the
standard rotocast vinyl version. Yet the detailing is much better.  The full-length visor is way better
than the half-visor on the standard helmets.

Elendil's helmet, from Lord of the Rings (in the prologue of Fellowship of the Ring,
he was rag-dolled against the mountain by Sauron)

Gimli the dwarf's helmet from Lord of the Rings

This is a pretty cool-looking Moria orc trapjaw helmet, from Lord of the Rings.

A creative take on a Lord of the Rings Sauron helmet.  I forgot the manufacturer's name, it started with a Z?  It's not United Cutlery in this case.

And now we enter the Rental section:

Rental Rubie's Star Wars Boba Fett helmet from the new Supreme costume, with weathered details.

Rental Pinhead from Hellraiser and various headpieces

Two rental Don Post Studios Star Wars Stormtroopers - a Classic Action on the left,
and a standard with the foam earpieces on the right.

Rental Don Post Star Wars standard Darth Vader

Rental Don Post 1996 Star Wars Emperor's Royal Guard.
Great helmet to wear if you like "I can't get this thing off of me" panic attacks.

Rental hats

Rental costumes

I wish I had more time to pull out and show some of Nancy's amazing work on the rental costumes.
I would love to feature some of the ones that were her favorites to create.

Acme has some additional photos of the store on their site at

Well, that wraps up my visit to Acme Costumes! They're a great bunch of people.  I've invited them to see this posting,
as well as any comments you might have.  I also invited them to join the HMA online.

Thanks so much to Gary, Rufus, the girls, and Nancy. And to my wife for patiently waiting while I took the photos!

Here's Acme Costume's information again:
Acme Costumes
2604 Highway 80
Garden City, GA 31408
Tel: 912-966-0201
Email: acmecostumes (at)

I enjoyed the visit and working on posting the photos here. I hope you like it! - Tom


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Great post and great photos, Tom!!!! You Sir have done The HMA proud! Call me crazy, but I kinda dig those Puppet Master masks. Again, great post!

Take care,



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Thank you, the whole process was fun and I learned a lot.  Prep, the visit, taking the photos, talking with the owners and staff, working on the photos and identifying some of the masks, posting them, I enjoyed it all!


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Awesome pictures, looks like a great place


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Woah, more Puppetmaster masks?  I had no idea they released Jester and Tunneler.  I'm going to have to pick these guys up soon.

Blade has been out forever now.


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Great pics !! I really like the huge skeleton !  Thanks for posting the pics.


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Great thread!  I love looking at all these masks!!

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When I was a kid Woolworths would have the masks lined up in the aisles for Halloween, and they would stick them on rolls of paper towels. I miss those days.

Dr Borgo

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Lots of masks here.


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