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DON-CON Part ONE The Gracebuster perspective
« on: December 04, 2015, 12:04:26 AM »
SO, my great friend, Lee Lambert, wrote this book! You may have heard of it, The Illustrated History of Don Post Studios!

Well, it turned out that it was such a rousing success that a second volume was not only warranted but necessary as there were too many people who did not get there hands on the first book.

Bigger, better and bolder was what Blacksparrow and Lee decided. And so it was.

Sometime in the summer, on a phone meeting, we decided that since Lee and Blacksparrow were going to so much trouble to honor the Don Post Company in PRINT, it was also time to honor them in PERSON.

We threw out a lot of ideas,initially.



POST MORTEM (too soon)

Finally in a subsequent meeting Lee said, "Whatever we end up calling it, I'm just gonna call it DON CON for short." And thus, the name was born.

We had already decided that it was going to be a UNIMART Tribute... I grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and doodled this.

I proudly showed it to Fong and Erica and in about five seconds Fong had made it 50 times better.

With that design in tow,  Tammy Peralta created this.

As we got closer we also got excited about the possibilities of having Merchandise exclusive to our show available.

Talented artist, Herb Shultz, created our Limited Edition Convention Poster art.

CREATURES REVENGE STUDIOS was already on board to create the Amazing slipcase and they jumped into the fray with a Brilliant idea!

APRIL, The Calendar Gorilla!

I looked up on my shelf one day and realized that I had been gifted the FOAM MASTER of an Old Man mask that was commissioned by Matt Post, Designed by our late great friend, John Fasano TO BE A TRIBUTE TO DON POST SR and sculpted by the talented Rob Burman (Whose grandfather, Ellis Burman sculpted the original Post 800 Line)!

SO I inquired and Greg Duffy amazingly took the time to sculpt the hair on it and create (with Matt's Permission) this amazing mask aptly called GENIUS!

I still look at it and can't believe it. It's like having an 800 line mask of Don Sr. to go with your 800 line mask collection!

Reach out to Greg at

I enlisted another great artists team, Max and Lance at Creepy Clown Toys, to come up with something so evocative of the 1960s and they delivered BRILLIANTLY!

A Puppet of of kid TRICK OR TREATING wearing a Don Post mask!

Find them at

Now,  initially, Lee had mentioned that 2016 was the 50th Anniversary of the Don Post Calendar so we knew a calendar would be on the agenda in some way. I have to credit Dante Renta with moving us to the idea of making it a tribute to the 70's original mask designs that replaced the Universal Monsters on the 1966 Calendar.

By the way, if you think this was easy, I can tell you it was crazy. We wanted Don Post Jr's eyes in every mask- impossible. All of these rare gems were foam filled. SO our Tammy Peralta worked her magic once more. But first we had a fun night photographing it all.

Eyes Don Post

 Foam filled MUMMY 5000 BC

Costume on Dante (God Bless him) wearing a GREEN SCREEN mask

And it became this wonderful thing.

Three things about this GREAT Calendar that you need to know.

1) There are still some left and they would make a GREAT Christmas Gift!

2) Some were signed by Don Post Jr.

3) is the only place to get them for a reasonable price! They will go fast.

Finally, One of the lovely artists from the Don Post Halcyon 70's contributed these for free.

Her intention was to bring a gift to the fans. I know people are selling them on ebay but the intention was for them to be free.


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Re: DON-CON Part ONE The Gracebuster perspective
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2015, 02:44:36 AM »
Great recap, Daniel -- I was there and can't wait to read more!  Nice meeting you in person, too.

So glad I attended.  And that puppet was a great idea; I love mine.
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Re: DON-CON Part ONE The Gracebuster perspective
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2015, 02:56:46 PM »
Great post and thank you for the info!