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Why Do People Hate GhostFace?
« on: May 31, 2016, 05:10:15 PM »
Of late I have noticed a lot of hate going towards a more modern slasher villain, GhostFace from the Scream franchise.  What I can't understand is why people seem to be annoyed with the GhostFace mask and some people even just plain hating it.  Is it my favorite slasher mask?  Well, no because I'm not even a slasher fan.  Is it my favorite Halloween mask of all time?  Most certainly not.  Is the GhostFace mask overused?  Most certainly.  Is Scream my favorite slasher franchise?  Most certainly not, again I'm not a slasher fan anyway.  But I do think that the GhostFace mask is a step above some of the older "classic" slasher masks that are overused as well.  The GhostFace mask is nice and simple, and it's not ugly as heck like those incredibly annoying Jason and Leatherface masks.

My understanding is that the first authentic GhostFace mask was made by a company called Fun World in the early 1990's.  Fun World is a company that seems to be unpopular in every way among the mask collecting community, even lesser so than Rubies.  I guess it's rightly so seeing as how Fun World really hasn't done anything else that's as deserving of the popularity or as original as the GhostFace mask.

I actually have a couple GhostFace masks in my collection.  One is a "Collector's Edition" style with a bigger hood (albeit made of a much less durable cloth-like material than the standard masks).  I'm such a Halloween III fanatic that I decided to see what the GhostFace mask would look like if the Silver Shamrock disk were attached to it.  I think the GhostFace mask would have made an interesting addition to the H3 trio had it been available in 1981/1982.

Then I decided to see what an entire bagged GhostFace costume would look like if it were made by good ol' Conal Cochran, and that's when I had this custom card insert printed.  The bag, along with the robe, came from an authentic Fun World costume.

Let me know what you guys think.
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Re: Why Do People Hate GhostFace?
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2016, 06:36:55 PM »
I don't hate Ghost Face but I was never a fan. This was a Halloween costume before it was ever used in Scream so that's what I associate it with, a cheap Halloween costume. I remember seeing them every year in Target and Wal-Mart. They even had a dripping blood version that came out post Scream (see image). Jason's mask is based on the old Jacques Plante hockey mask (see image). More about that here. Before Jason started wearing them they weren't considered scary, at least not by me. Post Jason and anytime you see one of these old hockey masks you immediately think scary because of it's association with Jason. As for Leatherface I find a mask made of human flesh to be the scariest of all and isn't that the goal here? So if I had to pick from these 3 Leatherface gets my vote. You didn't mention Michael Myers but I'll leave that for someone else.  :)


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Re: Why Do People Hate GhostFace?
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I have to agree that those bleeding masks DO look cheap to me.  They look like a plastic knockoff on the original.  Something about them just looks kind of off.

In my opinion, the original mask used in the first Scream did look kind of weird.  It had too many wrinkles.  However, I think Fun World managed to fix most of that with the Collector's Edition mask I have pictured.  Something about it just looks perfect to me.  The older masks that they starting selling around the time Scream 3 came out used the same mold, so most of them look nice to me as well.  I don't know if I can say that for the standard masks I see in Halloween stores these days though.