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Silver Shamrock Novelties GhostFace
« on: November 16, 2016, 11:55:31 AM »
I've posted these images here before, but I never actually made an appropriate thread for these.

This wasn't hard.  All I did was take a suitable SSN logo replica and printed it onto a circular cardboard disk.  I'm looking into seeing if I can have a better quality indie replica SSN chip made that's more sutiable for this mask.   I think the GhostFace mask would have made an interesting addition to the H3 trio had it been available in 1981/1982.  As a side note, I'm very happy that I snagged this "Collector's Edition" GhostFace mask years ago because it's since been discontinued by EU and most of the GhostFace masks I see in stores today just look mediocre compared to this version of the mask.

Then I decided to see what an entire bagged GhostFace costume would look like if it were made by good ol' Conal Cochran, and that's when I put together this custom card insert in Photoshop and had it printed.  The bag, along with the robe, came from an old authentic Fun World costume.

Thanks for looking,
Chakor Channing